Noark Electric Products - Pakistan

NOARK Electric is a global supplier of low-voltage electrical components for specialty manufacturing industries. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products at an affordable price, backed by a five-year limited warranty.

NOARK Electric deals in development, production and distribution of electrical devices and components. The company is part of a group with more than 25 thousand employees. NOARK Electric has invested millions of euro into in-house product development and works with the latest technologies. Our target is to build up the global brand. Regional centres in Shanghai, Prague and Los Angeles manage activities on individual continents and with respects to the requirements of individual markets and countries.

Branch, Motor Circuit Protection

Low-voltage circuit breakers, switches and protectors designed for maximum protection. Each product is built to last and backed by our exclusive 5-year limited warranty.

Motor Controllers and Overload Protection

NOARK’s range of low-voltage contactors, relays and starters designed for total control. Each product is built to last and backed by our exclusive 5-year limited warranty.

Control Circuit

Safety Contactors and Pilot Devices featuring a fail-safe design and backed by our exclusive 5-year limited warranty.

Special Applications

DP Contactors and DC circuit breakers engineered for special applications. Each product is backed by our exclusive 5-year limited warranty.

Complete Accessories ;
Smart Product ;
Simple Appearance ;
Advanced and high-precision processing equipment ;
Raw material supplier of world class brand ;
High efficiency & Energy saving ;
Environment Friendly Raw Material not containing toxic substances ;
Less heat dissipation and low power consumption ;
Material is recyclable

Noark is being promoted in Pakistan since 2012 and having a great Install Base i.e. Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors with approval from reputed Engineering Consultants at various projects throughout Pakistan.
NOARK is approved with utility KE and supplying the MCCBs of various ratings to KE.