Dry Type Transformers

If dry type transformers compare with oil type transformers, minimising the fire risk in communal life places, not containing toxic chemicals inside that threats the human health in any kind of fire situation, being environmental friendly because of not changing oil and being exempt of oil leakages, taking up less place and maintenance free reasons are preferably.

Advantages of cast resin transformers:

  • Non-flammable and self extinguishing
  • Maintenance free
  • Moisture free coils
  • Coils can be changed on-site for any kind of reasons

Rated power can be increased %40 by cooling fans
Environmental friendly as it is not containing toxic chemicals inside

Specifications: (Standards)

  • Our company serves for global market and manufactures according to the customer requests, current specifications and standards. If we sort some of these standards;
  • IEC 60076-11
  • IEEE C57.12.01
  • BS EN 50541-1
  • CSA-C9 etc.